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We are Entered in this months grant contest through KIND causes.  If we get the most Votes this month KIND will donate $10,000 to us to bring hundreds more care packages and support to baby loss families.

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This $10,000 will help us bring even more of our care packages to hospitals in need.  #SoNoBabyGoesNaked our sets give parents such valuable information to help them through the choices they have and how they can best spend the short amount of time they get with baby, before they leave the hospital. We also help connect parents to support afterwards and financial assistance for funeral and cremation costs.

We are so thankful for every vote, and all your support.   We can do this, please spread the word through your friends and Facebook groups! Thank you all again. ♡

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What We Do
We are a resource support center for parents who have suffered the loss of a baby.  We help parents find ways to make the most out of the short time they get to spend with baby after delivery. We also refer parents to organizations to help meet their needs after their loss (such as financial assistance, support groups, memorial items and more). One of the most helpful ways we are able to support families is through our clothing care package program.  We hand make and donate clothing sets to hospitals through out the US.   We make items for babies born in all trimesters of pregnancy. We have tiny support blankets and hats for babies miscarried in the first trimester. Also easy dress gowns, blankets and hats for babies stillborn during the second and third trimester. Each care package has helpful information to help parents know what to expect and what choices they can make, as well as items they may like to bring home as keepsakes and more.

Most Recent Care Package Donations
2016 June: Tennessee
8 Tiny swaddles blankets, 36 Gowns and dresses, 44 Hats, 18 Blankets
2016 February: Texas
24 Gowns (including our new reversible gowns), 12 support blankets, 30 tiny hats, and 6 early loss swaddle blankets.
2015 December: Illinois

30 gowns (some girls, but mostly gender neutral), 38 hats, 8 tiny swaddle blankets for early losses, and 15 support blankets.
2015 October: California

6 Early Loss swaddles, 22 Gowns, and 11 blankets, and 28 hats. In a variety of sizes, with resources and helpful information to help families know their options, and how to make the most of the short time they have with their "Little Love".
2015 June Pennsylvania, USA
All gender neutral. 22 Gowns, 11 Blankets, 6 Early Loss Swaddle Blankets, 30 Hats (tiny sizes too)
2015 California, USA
Totaling 22 Baby Gowns, 40 Hats, and 17 Blankets (all gender neutral).
Michigan, USA
22 Gowns, 24 Blankets, and 30 Hats (Mostly gender neutral, but some girly sets). Along with resources and a few specialty gowns that open at the seams for babies who are extremely fragile.
We work hard to provide current resources, support, and ways to honor the life of your "Little Love".  Most families are unaware of the resources and programs for baby loss, and if they do it can be frustrating to try to find the right places and sites that are still current. This is why we have collected a wide variety of them on our "Helpful Resources" page. If you cant find what your looking for, feel free to Email us.

In addition to that we have started our care package project.  With hand-made outfits that make it easy to dress delicate little babies.  We make swaddles, hats, blankets and gowns so that every baby whether full term or early gestation can have some thing special to be wrapped in.

We do this so that these parents are able to dress their baby. We provide two of most items in the care packages so parents can keep one after baby has wore it, so they can have something that belonged to baby.  

We make sure to provide information cards with each care package. These help families know their options, and how to make the most of the short time they have with baby.

If you would like to help us in our efforts, please donate today.  Any amount is appreciated, and goes toward another family have these special keepsakes.